Basketballs and Elephants

AHMM, Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Highlights, WSJ

Had a couple of ‘basketball’ assignments for a couple of different children’s publications in the same month, which I thought an odd coincidence. The one above was for Highlights magazine, and was in the form of a ‘hidden picture’ puzzle (actually this would be the cover to a whole book of ‘hidden picture puzzles’. I’d never done one of these puzzles before, and I felt really awkward about the whole concept. I mean, how much hidden is ‘hidden enough’? I had no idea of what the expectations were and the directions I was given weren’t much help. I did my best to make it look interesting, but I never did feel like I ever ‘got’ this project. It reminded me of one of my first jobs out of college, where I was working as a security guard, and I would be plopped down in a different location every night, alone, given no instructions, and just be expected to know what was going on.

I also got an assignment from the Chronicle of Higher Education in November to do a series of small spots to illustrate an article about the Republican’s educational platforms. These were kind of fun, but I think I still need some work on drawing elephants, I don’t feel like I’ve quite got them figured out just yet.

The ‘other’ basketball illustration that I did in November was for Cricket magazine, and was to accompany a short poem (which would fit in the blank spot in the middle).

Plus, there were my ‘steady gig’ assignments. The ‘health care’ column that I illustrate every monday for the Wall Street Journal. The topics were ‘vitamin E’, ‘osteoperosis medications’, ‘winter flu season’ (which pops up every year), ‘organic vegetables’ and ‘telling the difference between different strengths of pain relievers’.

I also have been doing a monthly ‘puzzle page’ for Oddysey magazine (Cobblestone), and this one had something to do with a puzzle involving chocolate bars.

Also, somewhat regularly, I do a fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I don’t quite remember the topic on this one. In hindsight, I may have handled the part of the image that is seen through the bottle a little differently, perhaps with a bit of distortion since we are looking through curved glass.

And finally, another small spot for the Journal, having something to do with the results of the latest presidential election, and what impact it may have on stocks.