Russian Railroads

AHMM, America, ChronicleHE

Probably the one aspect of my job that keeps the work fresh after all this time, is the frequent opportunities I am given to draw something completely out of my own personal sphere of influence. For Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, I was handed a fiction story concerning a travelling women’s basketball team, and a murder taking place while travelling across Russia and Mongolia. So in the interest of some semblance of accuracy, this one took a bit of research into railway cars and depots of the region, but as usual, my focal point and interest nearly always centers on the character, and I probably had a lot more fun rendering the female protagonist of the story, than in the rather dry passenger cars and scenery.

Even a somewhat fanciful picture as the one above took a bit of research into different church styles (although I took some liberties with their design). This was for America magazine (although I forget what the topic was concerning).

The piece to the left and the black and white piece below, were both for the Chronicle of Higher Education during the month of October. The topics that each of these concerned, are lost to memory, I’m afraid. I remember having fun with the trees, though. Always interesting trying to find some new way of portraying trees in scratchboard. I don’t think I’ve quite found the best solution yet, so I keep trying new techniques.

This piece about ‘University Presidents’ was a rare black and white illustration for this client (at least for this time period). I notice that I used a slightly different background technique on this one, perhaps trying to give the look of ‘weathered stone’ to the background. Once again, I’m not entirely happy with the inclusion of ‘text’ in the illustration, but it is not always my final decision.