A Few Oddball Assignments

AHMM, Barrons, WSJ

Above is another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This was an ‘inner city mystery’ with a rotund detective. Had some fun putting together the buildings in the background from a number of reference sources, almost in a modified collage technique.

Another spot illustration for my long time ‘health care’ column gig for the Wall Street Journal. These come about every two weeks on a Monday, and usually run on a Tuesday. This piece was on Transendental Meditation. I usually come up with a series of three concepts for each story, and sometimes the client picks the more conservative idea, and other times surprises me with one of my more outre notions. This would be an example of one of the more ‘conservative ones’.

This would be one of those times when the clients provided me with a few of the more ‘outre’ ideas. Barrons asked me to do a ‘road sign’, similar to one of those iconic ‘falling rocks’ signs, but with a person with their pockets hanging out and uncle sam both falling off a cliff. OK. Kind of a strange one, but I had fun trying to make the sign look as interesting as possible, considering. Unfortunately, I think it ended up running in black and white, which decreased the effect considerably.
Another strange request around this time came from The Wall Street Journal. I was asked to draw a map of South Africa, with a cluster of houses placed in the areas mentioned in the article, and then lay the South African map across the country. Kind of confused looking I thought, but gave it my best shot.

The piece below, for the same client, had something to do with drug prices, I assume. I think you can blame me for this concept.

Also, for the same client, was a piece about children who were ‘finicky eaters’ growing up to be adults who are ‘finicky eaters’. I thought this was one of the more successful pieces of the month. Simple, yet funny.