June is Busting Out All Over

AHMM, America, Barrons, Highlights, WSJ

The top half of June brought a wide variety of assignments, and a few strange ones as well. I had a rare ‘western’ fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I got a note from the author a few months later when it ran, thanking me for the nice work. Always nice to get a little feedback, it happens pretty rarely.
Barrons assigned a long vertical piece and requested some sort of ‘runner’ preparing for a long haul as the concept. Turned out pretty nice, and fit the space well.

And had a few small spots for The Wall Street Journal, a same day color piece on ‘standing out at board meetings’ (pictured below), and a few ‘health care’ column spots, one on brain MRIs and another on the health benefits of sugarcane. (pictured below)

For the same client, I also had a spot on the rash of ‘superhero movies’ that would be invading the theaters this summer, and the growing trend of simultaneously releasing them to IMAX venues. (pictured below)

An assignment for Highlights also fell during this time, this one having to do with a children’s board game activity. (pictured right)

An assignment from Honolulu magazine concerned a boisterous dog and his transplanted owner. (pictured below) In addition to these, I also had a pair of illustrations for America magazine. The first one was pretty straightforward. I had done a similar piece for them in the months previous, and they simply wanted another one to match but with a different pose and layout. (the bible illustration below). The other assignment was a little different, and a little troubling in a couple of ways which I will explain.
The article was pretty interesting, and well reasoned. It concerned a major religion that seems to have a problem with getting bent out of joint when someone ridicules them in print. Recent examples include the author of a satirical book who had to live under a death threat for years (and who I heard give a very interesting talk on PBS right around this time on this very same subject), and more recently the riots and deaths that occurred because a cartoon appeared about this religion in a newspaper overseas. The article bravely stated that this religion needs to grow up and get a sense of humor, and that the rest of us, as a whole, need to stand up to these thin skinned bullies, and I was proud to find myself in the position to provide an image for this essay. I supplied what I thought was a subtle, but powerful image.

Ironically, the publication didn’t want to offend anyone, and had me soften the image by removing the item on the end of the gentleman’s nose. I saved a version of both, just because I liked the original version better. (the “I heart NY” button was an editor’s suggestion, one that I didn’t quite understand, but included anyway)