Holiday Shuffle

AHMM, America, Newsday, WSJ

Tis the season, and I had a few holiday themed projects fall onto the workbench this month. It was a hectic month, as we had planned a trip to the Bahamas for an extended weekend for our wedding anniversary, and with Xmas falling on a Monday this year, I had a few regular jobs that needed to be shuffled around, or done ahead of time. The above project was for the Wall Street Journal, a scene of Santa flying down toward the stock exchange. Not being overly familiar with the area and buildings around there, it was tricky finding the right reference materials to help sell the image. I had done something similar as an xmas card for another client the year before, so the whole santa/sleigh/reindeer iconography was something I was sort of familiar with. And, in a similar ‘zooming around’ theme, I had another small black and white spot for the weekend edition of the same newspaper around this time.

Even the semi-regular ‘health column’ gig took on a holiday flavor around this time, with an article about holiday flu season. My pitbull ‘Lady’ made a couple gratuitous appearances on a couple illustrations this month, both in the ‘flu season’ spot, and in a piece on New Year’s resolutions for Newsday. My wife was also good enough to pose for me on this one (and this time I actually ended up making the character look like her). (pictured below)

Another couple pieces for the same newspaper are pictured below. The first one was about investigating family histories, when one half of the family is basically a blank for one reason or another. Then I received another ‘tribute portrait’ around the holidays when President Gerry Ford passed away. I was pretty pleased with how that one turned out.

Another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This one was about a pair of mysterious ‘hollywood’ millionaires, which had a sex change twist at the end, so I paid homage to a semi-well known photo of a favorite silent film actress to portray the ‘man’ in the story.

And finally, after doing a series of ‘saint portraits’ for America magazine over the past few months, the project culminated in a collage cover, both reusing one of the portraits, and adding a series of ‘present day’ scenarios to the mix. Collages are not a favorite subject of mine. I’m never happy with how things flow together and I’ll avoid them if I can. Not always able to though.