In Like a Lion

AHMM, Far East Economic Review, Niche Media, WSJ

The image above was for Boston Common Magazine, and the one below was for Gotham (both periodicals under the ‘Niche Media’ banner – different AD for each). I had to cheat a little on the uniform above, as the client wanted Roger’s number 22 on the uniform (but in the actual uniform, only appears on the back). The illustration below was for an article about ‘green buildings’. I also had another ‘health care’ spot for the Wall Street Journal (pictured to the left) and this week’s topic was a purported ‘tinnitus’ cure.

The illustration below was a quick one over the weekend for the Far East Economic Review. This story was something about China’s vanishing wilderness.

Below is another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This month’s story was a shorter one than usual, and didn’t have much in the way of settings or interesting action, which made it a bit tricky. It was slightly tongue in cheek, so I went with a little bit lighter approach this time than I usually do.

Over the past month or so, I’ve been also working on a large ‘board game’ project for a designer in Finland. The project is nearing completion, aside from a few tweaks, and I’m eager to share some of these images on this blog, as these are easily the best pieces I’ve done in quite some time. I think I’ll hold off on them for now and perhaps post some samples in a couple weeks.