Summer Doldrums

AHMM, Barrons, LA Times, Miami Herald, WSJ

Still keeping fairly busy, but you can tell that summer is here. The above project was for an article in Barrons about avoiding ‘committee investing’. Originally had goldfish in the sketch version, but they wanted something a little less ‘cute’. I was mostly just thinking about keeping it colorful. Bluegills were a nice alternative. Probably pointless though, because there is often the chance that the finish will print in greyscale. A little ‘T&A’ for the usual ‘health care’ spots for the Wall Street Journal (pictured below). The first one was about cellulite removal devices, and then a tricky one on breast self exams, but that they didn’t want to actually show a breast.

I had another illustration for the Miami Herald a few weeks back, this one about rising gas prices. Below that is another fiction assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This one was set in a New Orleans brothel sometime in the late 1800s. A bit tricky on the police costumes, as I had no reference.

I had another op ed graphic piece appear in the Los Angeles Times last week. This one was a humor piece on the ‘christian license plates’ available in South Carolina. One of the plates is pictured below, and more can be seen in the link here. There were actually a few more than these that didn’t get used. This was more of a ‘graphics’ job than an illustration assignment, dealing with typestyles and layouts, something I really don’t feel comfortable doing.