Another Great Adventure Begins


To the left, our little ‘bundle of joy’ who arrived around 6:30 on a drizzly Sunday night, after a very quick delivery. Keenan Patrick Foley. A lot of diapers were changed in this first year of business.

As I’m writing this (2008), he is now in his final year of high school, and planning on attending Columbia College in Chicago in the fall.

UPDATE (2010): Went to Columbia College in the fall of 2008, and he is now halfway through his junior year. Studying Jazz Saxophone performance as a music major, with the possibility of also going into some sort of writing/English in graduate school. A good looking kid, taller than his old man (and much smarter).

UPDATE (2018): The boy is now in his 28th year, and will be getting married to Lydia Shepard in August of this year in Chicago. He works as a leasing agent and just passed his realtor exams, and still plays in various jazz groups in the Chicago area.

ANOTHER (2018) UPDATE: The wedding was beautiful. Here’s wishing Keenan and Lydia a happy life together. Here’s a photo of me and the boy in the hotel room getting on our fancy duds for the ceremony.