Waiting in the Wings

ChronicleHE, Highlights, self portrait

A couple of quick projects early this week, while the main bulk of my work this month gets under way. I’ve started on another ‘game board’ project for a client in Helsinki which should keep me fairly busy in February (I’ll have some samples from this project to post sometime later in the month). Meanwhile, other work continues to trickle in. The project above was for the Chronicle of Higher Education about the current atmosphere of ‘timidity’ in the halls of learning. I actually preferred my other rough concept (left, click to see a larger version), but this one was a nice simple solution. Used myself as a model on this one.

Below was a small spot for Highlights that I had a rather long lead time on, but which came due early this week. This was for a ‘science page’ explaining about how the moon seems to follow you around when you move about (information I’m sure my dog would find illuminating, if she had the mental capacity).