More April ‘Show’-ers

Barrons, Farm Futures, WSJ

The above illustration was for a new client this week. Farm Futures Magazine needed a cover having to do with the fertilizer industry. There was a lot of cover copy and a large masthead on this one, so the only real ‘live area’ of the illustration was concentrated in the center of the illustration, with a lot of color/tone around the top and bottom (I’ve actually cropped out some of the layout for the sample here). Interesting how more and more of my new clients are coming to me straight through email these days, although sometimes (as with this one), we did have a brief phone conversation after the initial email contact.

I also had another job for Barrons last week, one of several this year I’ve done for this client regarding the bank bailouts. (below)

I had a few assignments for the Wall Street Journal in the past two weeks. One regarding cutbacks in executive training (the ‘film projector’ illustration below) for which I turned to my old high school days for inspiration. I remember whenever the teacher was either absent or unprepared for a lesson, how the students would get treated to a ‘movie’. For several years back in the 90s I actually collected old 16mm films and had a few projectors like this cluttering up my office.
The other was another series of small spots on free speech and recent misguided ratings for toxic assets. These small spots are actually more work in the ‘concept’ phase than in actually cranking out the finished product. The topics can sometimes be a little esoteric and tricky, and it is quite challenging to try and boil them down into a simple image that gets the point across.

Also, I had a small logo design project for a fellow in Chicago who makes cast iron crépe pans. Been a while since I’ve handled a logo design project. It’s a little different mindset than straight illustration, and simplification can sometimes be more of a challenge than going hog wild with detail.

I also keep meaning to post all the ‘bugs’ that I did recently for a local toy manufacturer, but I’m not exactly sure what the current status of that project is, so I’ve been holding back. Perhaps next month.