Woody Guthrie Show


This spring, my wife talked me into auditioning for a local theater group’s production of ‘Woody Guthrie’s American Song’. My son was selected to play the role of the youngest incarnation of ‘Woody’, and a few weeks later I got a call asking if I wanted to join the cast, in the capacity of ‘high tenor’ and all around utility infielder. I’m playing a lot of guitar, a little bit of upright bass, singing a lot of high harmony, and playing Cisco Houston in the show. It’s been an interesting experience so far, and the cast is a nice group of people. The show runs from July 9 through the 19th, and in conjunction, I’ve designed a logo for a tee shirt design (pictured above). I may change a few things yet on the design (I may redo the boxcars and the figure atop them, and I need to add an apostrophe at one point in the lettering), and I may do another ‘color’ version of this for coffee mug purposes. I may also finish up one of the alternate ideas I had for the shirt, just because I enjoy drawing portraits (pictured below)

ADDENDUM: A bit later, I went back into it, and did a few minor tweaks here and there in the design, and I was also asked to do a color version for usage on coffee mugs, and that version is pictured below: