Dog Days of Summer

Freaks of Nurture Comics, WSJ

In between projects, I’ve been working on some masthead design for a friend’s website/blog that has involved a little bit of illustration, and a lot of typestyle manipulation in photoshop (something I don’t do a lot of, but it is fun to try out something different and stretch outside of my comfort zone). The design concept is a mish mash of several ideas of mine and the site author’s, incorporating ‘pulp artwork’, ‘1950s cocktail culture’, and the site’s overall preoccupation with disfunctional family dynamics. Aside from the mastheads pictured here, I also did (and am still in the process of doing) several other bells and whistles on various pages on the site, and a fun ‘background pattern’, mostly made up of doodads and dingbats from various type fonts I’ve found online (pictured, left). The ‘freaks tv’ banner below has an ‘animated gif’ version that can be seen by clicking on the banner below.

In the meantime, other projects continue to trickle in, aside from the two large projects I’m still embroiled in (a board game similar to one I did earlier in the year, and a series of ‘Treasure Island’ illustations for a new client). The illustration above was another ‘health care column’ illustration for the Wall Street Journal, this one on Lyme Disease and deer ticks. I also had a text heavy illustration for the American Bar Association (I haven’t bothered to post this one, mostly involved a picture of a brick building and several chunks of text streaming from it). I’ve also done a series of Aborigine illustrations for a new Australian client (some of which are pictured below).