Busy Weekend

Barrons, Far East Economic Review, WSJ

Things started picking up a bit starting last Thursday. A couple of ‘maybe’ jobs that are still in negotiation, the ongoing board game project has entered the ‘board’ stage and is keeping me pretty busy, and the ‘pirate’ project continues to circle in a holding pattern until after labor day. Meanwhile, this past weekend I took in a few projects for Barrons (the Uncle Sam illustration and the ‘airplane boarding’ illustration below), plus a faux ‘railroad travel poster’ cover illustration for my Hong Kong client (pictured above). September seems to be starting off a little stronger than any of the past three months. Not sure if it is clients returning from vacations, a recent postcard mailing, or just a seasonable upturn, but the work is definitely welcome after a slow summer.

Below is another Wall Street Journal project that I completed last week, something to do with in-flight wireless internet charges, and below that, another of the Journal’s ‘health care’ illustration spots.