Starting off the Decade

Business North Carolina, Dover, Harcourt Brace, WSJ

Starting off the decade with a post of leftovers from assignments I’ve been working on over the past several weeks. The illustration above and the one below were for a young adult fantasy book, of which I’ve posted other samples last week.

I also had several ‘presidents’ for the sticker project that I had neglected to post. The last six for that project are pictured below. The rest of the presidents from this series have been posted here over the past several weeks, or you can see all of them at once (along with the other ‘president set’ I did earlier in the year) in the reprint galleries (see the top link on the sidebar — the presidential gallery in under ‘portraits’)

Earlier this week, I also had a portrait assignment for North Carolina Business, where they wanted an ‘atlas’ situation. (plus a small spot for the interior of the article)

And then I also started off the workweek with another health care spot for the Wall Street Journal. This one was on ‘bed sanitizing specialists’ who come into your house and kill your bedbugs with UV rays and then vacuum up the residue.