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Over the past weekend had a series of illustrations for several articles in the Chronicle, mostly to do with the state of ‘liberal arts’. A tough assignment from a concept point of view, but after a rough start, I managed to come up with a few ideas that passed the muster. I had to revise the one above because they wanted the figure a little less ‘dark’ (you can see that version if you click on the above illustration), but I still prefer the original. The illustrations below are for the same project (the last one is clickable to see a larger version).

Been a slow couple of weeks here in the second half of February, at least as far as ‘quick turnaround’ work. I had the assignment below for the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, but these have been about it recently. I have a few large projects in the works, another game board project from overseas (samples forthcoming in the upcoming weeks), and a few wooden toy projects, and of course I’ve got to finish up the oscar poster by next week, so I’m managing to keep fairly busy.

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