Christmas Week


Christmas week started out nicely, with a couple of quick turnaround jobs, and by the end of the evening, I had 5 new jobs, most of which will be coming due by the end of the week. A little late to save the month, but it’s a nice trend that I hope continues for the next year.

The one above was a fast one for the Wall Street Journal this afternoon, part of the ‘aches & claims’ column that I’ve been illustrating for them since the early part of the decade (at one time a weekly column, then bi-monthly), but which have slowed down to a trickle of assignments during the latter half of 2010. The other assignment will be coming due in the middle of the week, at which point I’ll probably have a few new pieces to post.

ADDENDUM: The ‘Aches & Claims’ column, that I had been illustrating with some regularity since 2002 eventually wound down to nothing in the next few months, I would only have about two more illustrations for this column before it shut down completely. A nice run, and I would miss the regular conceptual challenges, not to mention the steady stream of reliable income. A big thanks to Sue Foster, my WSJ designer during most of this time, I sure enjoyed myself, and you were always a pleasure to work for.