For the holidays this year, I decided to break the oil paints out of mothballs (I haven’t actually touched a brush to canvas since doing a gift for my sister-in-law’s sibling in January of ’09, almost two years ago), and do a series of paintings as xmas presents for my siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, wife and son.

I started out doing more ‘traditional’ images for my sibs and parents. Painting to ‘please the audience’ for the most part, and they ended up feeling more like a chore than anything else, and had a certain stiffness (most of these are pictured at the bottom of the posting). Then I started loosening up, and I had the most fun doing a series of small paintings for my young nieces and nephews (and my son), where I let myself go a little bit, subject wise, and these ended up inspiring me to continue painting in this fashion, and I may end up doing an extended series for a possible showing sometime later in the year. Most of these were quite small (5×7 for the most part)

The following pieces were the more ‘traditional’ paintings that ended up going to the more ‘traditional minded’ recipients. They tended to be a little larger in scale (anywhere from 10×16 to 16×20 in size). The sunset picture for a sister who lives in South Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan, the two fawns for my Mother who had a couple baby deer like this visiting the previous year at their Grand Haven home, and the ‘wine and cheese’ picture for my brother’s restaurant.

I have a few more to post sometime over the next week or so, the pictures I did for my son and wife, father and a close family friend, and I may post more in the coming year as I dabble in this a bit more.

Thanks to my wife, Terri, for the photos, which, for the most part, came pretty close to capturing the true colors and details of these pieces, which was challenging to say the least, and much better than previous efforts.

I’ll be adding some of these images to items at my Zazzle store over the next couple of weeks, in case anyone is interested in a print, postcard, etc.