Oils Continued


Continuing to do a lot of painting this month, finishing up some more xmas presents, and building up a catalog of paintings to choose from for a possible show later in 2011. The painting above is one of the latter ones.
Below is a portrait of a friend of ours that I’ll be handing her in a few days for a christmas present. She’s a bit of a gardening aficionado, and gave me a blank canvas (either last year or the year before, at which point I sketched her sitting in her living room, and promptly forgot about it for a long spell, that is, until I started up with this painting bug again)

I also finished up another xmas present, this one for my father who lives out in Phoenix.

The following two paintings were ones that I gave to my wife and son, and didn’t get a chance to take a photo of before they got put under the tree.

Again, thanks to Terri for the photos.