Seems Like Old Times

ChronicleHE, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Newsday, WSJ

Several assignments this week from long time clients, which gave the week a nice nostalgic feel to it. So forgive me for taking a little stroll down memory lane in today’s post. The illustration above was for the Wall Street Journal, who I first began working for in 1999.

Another assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier in the week is pictured above. I got my first assignment for the Chronicle way back in 1992, and they are also notable for being the one long-time client I’ve worked with, where the same art directors have been in place for all that time (kudos to Ellen and Scott, who are always a pleasure to work for).

I also had a call from a client I first worked for back in 1994, Newsday out of Long Island, New York.
Also, since all three of these illustrations were horizontals, I’ve linked each of them to a larger version that can be accessed by clicking on the images above.

And, as long as we’re heading down memory lane, I also have the illustration above, which accompanies a friend’s blog at the website, where he waxes nostalgic about favorite vinyl from his formative years.