From Toe Jam to Teddy Bears

Self Promotion, WSJ

Interesting range of topics already this week. The illustration above was for the Wall Street Journal for their ‘aches & claims’ column about a new laser treatment for foot fungus.
I’ve also gotten the go ahead on several more chapter opener illustrations for an ongoing project. A few of them are pictured below (and others have appeared in previous posts) and I’ll more than likely have more to post later in the week.

Since it was president’s day on Monday, we decided to send out another couple thousand email ‘virtual mailers’ with a president’s theme. This has been an advertising method that I’ve long avoided, equating it with ‘spam email’, but we are giving it a limited try this year, since there are those on the mailing list that we subscribe to who have expressed an interest in receiving email mailings. We did two designs (and these were both recycled artwork from the past few years), and send out both in random fashion to several thousand recipients. The jury is still out on this, as far as effectiveness, but if there is anyone who stops by here who has actually received one, I’d be interested in hearing feedback.