Lab Work


Well, I’m choosing to take this as a good sign. After what has been probably the slowest 3 months in the past twenty one years in business, the phone actually started ringing again on Thursday with new assignments. I had a quick turnaround assignment for Newsday (pictured above) about the closing of a Nassau county Crime Lab and it’s implications for the region (pictured above), and I managed to finish up the last of the chapter opener illustrations for the book project that’s been percolating around here since before Christmas (pictured below).
I also thought I’d share one of the alternate sketches for the Newsday sketches (below), since I rarely show the sketch phases of my assignments in this blog, and I probably would have enjoyed going to finish on either one of these.

This last one, was a faux ‘logo design’ for the fictional grocery store chain in the book, and once it gets approved, will be inserted here and there among the illustrations.