Loose Cannon

Self Promotion

A case of insomnia last night led to this early early morning watercolor sketch of Tea Partier and GOP ‘Loose Cannon’ Sarah Palin.

Also, in the self promotion arena; I signed up earlier this week with another online marketing site, and my portfolio page is now up and active at ‘Hire An Illustrator’. This is a UK based site, and features an unlimited portfolio upload feature, and the option to join in ‘postcard package’ mailings to their European markets. The portfolio page is best viewable, I’ve found, with Firefox, as it has a strange glitch when using Safari.

I’ll also be re-upping with theispot.com’s directory at the end of this month. I’ve been a subscriber to this site for eleven years now, and it has led to several new clients over the last decade, although it feels as if it has been slowing down in the past few years. I’d be interested in hearing what other illustrator’s experiences have been with either of these two sites, or if there are others that I might want to check out.