Days 38 through 40

ChronicleHE, Red thread

Day Thirty Eight

Today’s illustration will unfortunately have to stay under wraps for the time being. An unexpected job dropped in out of the blue on Thursday evening, and I’ve been spending the past few days feverishly finishing it up. The conditions are such that it remain confidential until sometime in 2012 when it becomes public. But suffice to say it is probably one of the best looking pieces I’ve ever done, and easily one of the most interesting assignments that’s ever crossed my desk.

Tomorrow I’ll probably not post a drawing, as I’ll be busy playing a four hour gig at a motorcycle festival in Muskegon with my country band.

Day Thirty Nine

Finishing up the Chronicle project this morning with a few interior illustrations along the same lines as the cover and spots I did last week.

Day Forty

A lot of the day today spent working on the above cover illustration for a Detroit area client. Mostly done, but I’ve still got some tightening up to do on the upper portion of the illustration. It’s late, and time for call it quits and catch a late supper. I’ll post the finished piece tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: And here’s the finished version, completed the following morning: