Sue, Sheila, Mr. Sang & other work

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(this is a combined post made up of several days worth of postings ranging from April 2 to April 5)

Today I chose to do a pastel portrait, based on a photo by a high school friend of our high school band drum major, Sue. I thought this was an interesting photo, because, as a xylophone player for our marching band, this is the view I usually had of our drum major, down front and right in front of the podium.

Today’s portrait in my ongoing ‘facebook challenge’ is of my Father’s lady friend Sheila (and her loom). Something about the loom must’ve reminded me of all the ‘Amish girl’ illustrations I was doing last month, so the style closely mimics the drawings from that project. Not much going on today, so I may have time to catch back up and do another one later today.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. I got up this morning fully expecting to be at the drawing board all day long today, but here it is 2pm and I’ve got a little free time to spare before I head out for some ‘open mic’ barnstorming with my band mate down in Kalamazoo this evening (the day ain’t over yet, I’ll probably be getting to bed sometime around 2ish, if not later). The illustration above (& immediately below) was for an article on tax reform laws for Business North Carolina, and below that, was a rush illustration project for the Chronicle of Higher Education that I finished up early this morning.

I may still yet have time for a quick portrait this afternoon, but right now, I think I’m going to go out and enjoy this beautiful sunny afternoon.

Haven’t had a chance yet to do my ‘daily portrait’, as I got bogged down in a labor intensive AHMM illustration (pictured above), plus it was a beautiful day, and I took advantage of it by doing some work in the yard, and going on a bike ride (actually thinking of mowing the lawn, on April 2 no less). Tomorrow is looking like another busy one, so I may not get to portraits again until Wednesday.
… Well, later in the evening I managed to steal an hour or so to work up another of the portraits in my ongoing self imposed challenge to draw a portrait of each and every facebook friend this summer. Decided to do a caricature today, and what better subject than what was probably one of my earliest caricature victims, my middle school band director Mr. Sang (isn’t that a great name for a music teacher?). I’m guessing I probably won’t get to one tomorrow, but I’ll be back at it again on Wednesday.