Dan (18) Kimmo (17) Kelly (16), Blown Covers, etc

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This weekend’s portraits: #17 is of a guitar playing buddy from one of the bands that I’m involved with. We went down to Otsego on Friday night to watch him perform in one of his other groups. I decided to do this one (based on a photo I found on his page), in the same style that I did ‘Gary’ with several days ago, but in color this time. #18 is of a client of mine, Kimmo from Helsinki (from several years back) with whom I did several board game designs. Did this one in a mixture of watercolor, colored pencil and a blending tool. (not much of a stretch, stylewise, but I thought I’d take the approach that I used on several of the games, which seemed fitting).

Today’s portrait is of one of the daughters of our next door neighbor from where we grew up in Durand, Michigan – Kelly. I purposefully gave myself a very limited palette today, in what I hoped to be unusual ‘facial’ colors.

I also had a revision on an illustration from a couple weeks ago. The editors wanted to add a crowd of cowering businessmen to the background of my ‘bomb’ illustration about ‘tax reform’ (pictured below). In addition, I had a small simple spot illustration to accompany the WSJ illustration I completed yesterday.

And here’s my weekly Blown Covers sketch. This week’s theme: “Love in the Big City”.