Amy (24) & weekend assignments

Blown Covers, Facebook Faces, Newsday

After a slow week, believe it or not I actually have an assignment today. So today’s portrait has to be a quickie, and since I’m overdue for a caricature, I picked another ‘early caricature victim’ from my friends list. This is Amy, a girl I went to high school with, and these days she’s my sister’s sister-in-law. Rumor has it that she always hated how I drew her, usually with prominent cheeks and jawline. Well, old habits die hard.

Later today I’ll post the results of today’s same-day project, and I’ll no doubt be posting another of my ‘Blown Covers’ sketches that I did earlier this week.

Above is an illustration I did for Newsday this afternoon (click on the image for a larger version).
And as for the “Blown Covers” blog that I’ve been contributing sketches to for the past four weeks. Seems I got chosen this time around for top honors. It looks like they made some alterations to my original sketch (not sure that I agree with the tweaks, I thought the original version balanced better), but anyhow, a nice honor. (Immediately below, my original sketch, and then the version that appears on the site with alterations)