Meredith (27) Emily (28) Eric (26) Greg (25)

Facebook Faces

A long weekend, with a long gig on Saturday night with the JJHD, and then driving to Chicago on Sunday to see my son’s senior recital with two of his bands, spending the night, and then a long drive home on Monday. Didn’t get any portraits (or much else) done on Monday, but today I’m planning on getting two of them done, starting on a long overdue comic for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ project, and possibly coming up with an idea for this week’s ‘Blown Covers’ assignment.

Today’s first portrait is of a member of the adult student orchestra, Meredith (bottom). She’s normally a violin, but pictured here with a viola. Didn’t stretch much in the way of medium or style on this one, sticking to mostly watercolor and colored pencil tools. Next up (later this afternoon), my niece Emily (top). I treated Emily’s portrait using exclusively the ‘oils’ toolbox.

Today, a black and white cross-hatch ink study of a cello playing buddy of mine, Eric. Eric and I used to get together about every two weeks to play cello duets, until he gave up playing.

And, since I’ll be busy most of the day tomorrow, driving to Chicago to see my son’s senior recital, I did an extra one. This is Greg, a friend I used to play disc golf with a couple years ago (back when I spent a lot more time with that activity), who has since moved to Kansas.