weekend roundup

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Well, this week ended up being a very productive one after a slow start. The above illustration was one I finished up this morning for a zombie story for River Styx Magazine. I also had several quick turnaround pieces in the latter half of the week. Below is a piece on the Obamacare decision for Barrons, and below that, a spot illustration for the Wall Street Journal on Mutual Funds for the weekend paper.

I also had an assignment from a client I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years, The Weekly Standard, and they were looking for a ‘cartoon’ illustration with a very specific layout. Below is the rough sketch, and the finished illustration.

I also found time for my usual self imposed assignments. Today’s ‘facebook portrait’ is another high school acquaintance that I don’t really remember all that well, Peggy, done in a modified scratchboard & color technique. This one turned out kind of weird. I was probably getting into a good ‘zombie mood’ in preparation for the River Styx illustration.

And finally, the weekly Blown Covers blog that I’ve been participating in for the past 10 weeks. This week, I couldn’t make up my mind between two different ideas that occurred to me. I usually only submit one sketch, but have noticed other participants submitting two or more, so went ahead and did both ideas this week. Oddly enough both made it into the ‘runners up’ along with two other ideas by another artist who also submitted two concepts with eerily similar themes. Below are both sketches.

Several other projects seem to be in the works for the coming weeks, so I’m looking forward to being very busy in June.

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