Tom & Geri (88) Doug (89)

Facebook Faces

My brother Tom and his wife Geri only use facebook as a ‘business entity’ for their Chicago restaurant, so I did a ‘two-for-one’ portrait today. And since I’ll be using the watercolor/colored pencil combo for my usual ‘blown covers’ entry, I thought I’d use this opportunity to explore what has changed in Painter XII with those tools. A lot of interesting developments in the watercolors, and so far I’m happy with what I’ve discovered, plus I also finally tracked down the ‘brush tracking’ settings, so that the stylus is starting to better emulate what I’m meaning to do (still a 4 foot long rubber pencil, but at least the boxing gloves have come off – see yesterday’s post if this confuses you).

I’ve got quite a bit of sketching to do this week for upcoming projects, so I’d best stick with the pencil tools for the time being and perhaps work a little on the scratchboard just to get my ‘go-to’ styles up to snuff.

Later in the day, completed another portrait, this one of another high school classmate, Doug, who was the younger brother of #8. I started this one out in black and white with the scratchboard tool just for practice’s sake, but was so intrigued by the new watercolor tools, that I went in and played around with them to add some color afterwards.