Jack (92) Jim (93) Candy (94)

Facebook Faces

Today I took some time to try and get accustomed to the scratchboard tools. Above is a portrait of another high school classmate, Jack (or Jacek, as he seems to be going by these days) done in black and white scratchboard. Unintentionally, this style of scratchboard seems to harken back to my style of the mid-90s, which tells me I need to do some more practicing to get more comfortable with the tools again. Below is a portrait of another schoolmate, Jim (actually more of a schoolmate of my younger brother #88 and if I recall, another of this particular ‘gang’ was #10). I did this one in black and white to start out, using the same scratchboard tool, but black on white, but then added some color watercolor on top of it.

Then, much later in the day, I did a watercolor portrait of our longtime friend Candy, whom I went to college with back in the early eighties. Not the most flattering photo (she was getting her hair permed for a local theatrical production), but she didn’t give much else to work with.