139 Kris (+Blown Covers +Amish Girls +etc)

Baker Book House, Blown Covers, Facebook Faces

Today’s facebook portrait is of another local bass player, Kris. A rather quick one today again, as the workload was pretty full. (and interestingly enough, I just did the math on this project, and, having started it on March 28th, 142 days have elapsed, and with me having completed 139 of these portraits, I’m pretty pleased to see that I’m only 3 days behind the original pace I set for myself — a couple of ‘double-dip’ days and I should be right back on schedule).
Another ‘Amish Girl’ interior illustration (I’ve set myself a quota of one of these a day, until I get done with the other ongoing projects I’ve yet to finish up, at which point, I’ll probably speed up on the progress), and then another illustration for the ongoing investment book project.

And, with the ‘blown covers’ contest all but complete this month (the ‘slush pile’ will likely be posted tomorrow), it is probably safe to post my entry for this particular ‘global warming’ topic. I had a pretty weak concept this time out, as I was consciously trying to avoid the sort of images that were presented at the outset by way of inspiration (but it turns out that was exactly what they were looking for, i.e.: New York underwater or Polar Imagery). I probably had NASA and the Mars Rover on my mind, and I wanted to show how tiny and fragile our world was from a far off perspective, with no place else to go if we ruin it, and with a hint of a footprint in the foreground to remind how humans have an impact wherever they go. Probably should have brainstormed a little harder.