150 & 151 (& sketch day)

CRC, Facebook Faces, xibitz

Doing several rough sketches today, for various projects. The above is a rough sample for a museum wall mural I’ll be doing in the near future, and below is one of 29 sketches I did for an upcoming set of illustrations for a local client (for which the finishes will all be done in a faux ‘woodcut’ style).

Also found a brief window of time in the late afternoon to do a couple quickie portraits. These are both facebook acquaintances I’m none too familiar with (I think one of them is a high school classmate, maybe a couple years younger than I – the other one is maybe related in some way to one of the bars I frequently play at), Dawn and Samantha (#150 & 151 respectively). One done in the ‘liquid inks’ tools that I discovered a month or so ago, and the other a failed experiment combining pen and ink and oils.