152 Adam

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Spent much of today working on the ‘Amish Girls’ book illustrations (3 pictured below), and found a little time in the afternoon for another ‘facebook face’. Today’s portrait is of Adam, the singer in one of the bands I’m involved with (other members of this particular band were #17, #72, #77 & #143, the last of which is actually the daughter of our drummer, who joins us for backup singing in one of the band’s ‘splinter groups’). This illustration I attempted to do in a sort of ‘duotone’, restricting myself to a narrow color spectrum of blue and orange.

Now back to work, as I’ve gotten the go ahead on the series of ‘woodcut’ illustrations for next week, plus I’ll need to get started on some rough sketches for projects that will be rolling around after labor day (below is one of the rough sketches for a cover assignment for a new client due in the next few weeks).