Facebook Faces, Financial Executive Magazine

Over the weekend, finished up a cover assignment for a new client, and right in line with the sort of work I’ve been doing extracurricularly all summer, i.e.: portraits. This was a duo portrait set of Obama/Romney, which I originally did in more of a ‘quasi big head caricature’ style, but the editors steered it more towards realistic proportions (as it appears above, and you can see a larger version by clicking on the above image).

Still working remotely down in South Haven for the next few days, and have found some time over the past few days to do a few more portraits. Here’s #158 & #159, Karen & Jewly. Karen is done in an ‘oil sketch’ style, which I wasn’t too happy with the end result, looking much more pastel-ly than I planned on, and Jewly is done more as a flat color treatment, keeping detail to a minimum. (Jewly is married to #156)