Full Plate

Barrons, ChronicleHE, Facebook Faces

A full plate of work today, despite having the Museum project suddenly put on the brakes yesterday evening. Did a lot of sketching and conceptualizing today, firstly, for a Chronicle job (the finish of which is posted above), then some sketches for a Barrons spot illo due later this week (sketches for both are pictured below). Also found some time today to do a ‘blown covers’ sketch for next month’s ‘Halloween’ theme, plus did a couple quickie portraits. The first one, is of my niece Abby, done in oil pastels, and the second is of Maureen, the mother of friends (#66 and #81) from High School (there was only one photo to choose from for reference for this one).

Above is one of several concepts I sent to Barrons this morning, which they wanted to see revised to include a businessman, and for the finish, have asked for a few additional tweaks (the finish will be posted later this week).