Happy Thanksgiving

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Been a busy week (not with work, but with extra-curricular activities), what with Electrical home improvements over the weekend, accompanying my Dad to his Neurologist and Oncologist on Monday and then to his Pain Clinic visit on Tuesday, and today with a couple rush jobs and then a show at a Moose Lodge up in Fremont tonight, and then I’ll be driving to Chicago to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s restaurant (along with the rest of the family). Hoping to get back Friday evening or Saturday morning so I can get some last minute weekend work done for a deadline next Monday.
The illustration above is one I finished up this morning for the Chronicle. I think I’ve used this concept before, although I can’t remember when exactly. A spoof of the well known ‘Darwin’s Monkey’ statue (where the monkey is contemplating a human skull), and this commentary article was about allowing college students to ‘major’ in sports.

And in the meantime, it is the start of the holiday season, and I thought I’d direct interested parties towards my Zazzle store, where you can find several of my previous years’ Christmas card designs available for purchase, along with many other items, like mugs and tee shirts and mousepads and iphone cases, etc etc. (click on the photo for a link to the store)