What Are The Ten Commandments?


From two summers ago, for Penguin Young Readers, part of their “Who Was/What Was” series of books (currently I’m working on my nineteenth book for this client). This one took me back to my first two decades of freelancing, where it seemed like there wasn’t a religious client that I hadn’t worked for at one time or another. Over the years I grew quite tired of drawing “people in robes”, but I worked my way through it by telling myself that I was getting valuable practice at ‘crowd scenes’ and ‘epic adventure’. All the illustrations for the book posted here for the first time.

Peter Cottontail Book

Skyhorse Publishing

This was a project I did last summer for Skyhorse Publishing. This was a reprint of the classic “Peter Cottontail” stories with updated illustrations. Now available on Amazon in what looks like a handsomely bound volume (I haven’t yet received my author copies yet, so I can’t verify how it turned out). They wanted something sort of reminiscent of the classic children’s illustrator Harrison Cady, but in keeping with my style. I tried to keep it very light and colorful, and it was a fun project, allowing me lots of chances to work with Painter’s new realistic watercolor tools. 26 interior illustrations with one cover illustration (above, which I have previously posted).

One of the difficulties with maintaining a working blog like this, especially now that I do a lot more publishing work, is that much of the day to day work must wait to be shared after the book has gone to print. I’ve currently got five book projects lined up, and will likely be only sharing a sample or two over the next few weeks and months, but stay tuned, as I may post a few more of the ‘Who Was’ books from the back catalog in the coming weeks.