Hectic Week Roundup

AHMM, Dover, Llewellyn

LittlePrincessWashwebBetween finishing up another MacMillan ‘Epic Fails’ project, and the Wheatland Music Festival over the weekend, and several smaller projects pictured here on this post, it has been a busy week (and catching a cold partway through it didn’t help matters any). Above was the finished illustration for Dover’s Evergreen Classics line of reprints, this one for ‘A Little Princess’ (I had shown a sketch version of this one last week, and they asked that the monkey be moved over to the window for the final version). Below is the finished version of the Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine illustration. This one is drastically different than the original sketch. The editors felt that a ‘hanged man’ would be too disturbing for their readers, so I picked a scene from earlier in the story. I’ve been doing illustrations for AHMM now for almost thirty years, you can see an entire checklist and links to all the illustrations here.

Below that, it is once again that time of year for the Llewellyn Witches Companion cover. I’ve been doing these now for over a decade, and it is interesting to see what concepts the editors come up with each year to keep it unique and different, and yet, basically the same.




Throwback Thursday – A Pair of Children’s Books

Instructional Fair



In 1999, I had a pair of full color children’s book assignments for Instructional Fair. One was entitled “Mother Goose News”, and told various fairy tales in rhyme, as if presented by a newscaster, and the second book “Imagine That” was a hodgepodge of two unrelated fantasy stories told in rhyme. I got the impression that the purpose of the books was to introduce certain vocabulary words to a particular age group.

In the past, I’ve only shared a few sample illustrations from each book, but I have gone back and revised the original blog posts so that each book is now shown in its entirety. Click on the links below for the illustrations collections for each book.

Mother Goose News (sample illustration posted above)

Imagine That

Taking Stock

Self Promotion

dogscolorwebSome big news this past weekend that will have to wait, but will be impacting my work schedule for the next six months or so. In the meantime, I’m finishing up two book projects here in September to clear the docket. Also preparing to send out a promotional postcard, which is something I’ve been neglecting these past few years.

In the meantime, between projects, I’ve been working on an idea that’s been percolating on the back burners for a while now. I’ve been¬†going through the back catalog recently, and have¬†been finding mountains of cartoon art that may be suitable for selling as stock art. I’ve started collecting and collating these cartoons and will be soon hopefully putting these to work. Above and below are the first of what will be several collections of ‘dog’ cartoons (as both bw line art and color – vector art may also be a possibility soon), and in the future I should have more collections in various categories (cats, frogs, food, fish, birds, etc etc etc).

Hoping to open a storefront on the website soon, and have these collections available for download. Drop me an email if you have any suggestions or ideas on the subject.