Happy Belated President’s Day

Barnes & Noble, Barrons, Carus Publishing, Miami Herald, Penguin


In honor of President’s Day (which fell on Monday of this week), I’ve collected every illustration that I could find in my archives in which I’ve portrayed George Washington. 3 of the most recent illustrations are from the ‘What Was the Constitution?’ book which I just completed a few months ago, and the others are from various sources, including the Uncle Goose President Blocks (upper left), Dover Presidential Sticker Book (2nd clockwise from the top), a few early Cobblestone illustrations (more or less center), an illustration from the Miami Herald (bottom left) and a cover illustration for Barnes and Noble (bottom right).



And then, since I found an extra ‘George Washington’ that I did for the Wall Street Journal (the dollar bill portrait with the black eye), I’ve collected all the 2nd and 3rd Presidential portraits that I have in my archives. Again, some from the Presidential Sticker Book from Dover, and from the Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks, plus some others from various sources. The remaining presidents I have on file are rather hit or miss, but I may continue with this series at a future date.

That ‘Witchy’ Time of Year Again


For over ten years I’ve been doing interior illustrations for the Witches Companion series of books (and the cover, usually sometime around September or October). I share the interior duties with other illustrators, but I usually can count on doing 10-12 each January or February. I finished up the project this morning and here’s how they turned out this year (you can click on the ‘Llewellyn’ link to see the previous years efforts).

Where Is Niagara Falls?


I just finished up the illustrations for my 16th title in the ‘Who Was’ series of books from Penguin Young Readers (‘What is Area 51?’), so I thought I’d take us back a few years and share all the illustrations from a previous title. This one was from 2015 and was titled “Where is Niagara Falls?”. This was probably the most challenging and labor intensive of the books so far, with a lot of cityscapes, large landscapes and overhead shots. I learned to speed up the process with this project, which is sort of a necessity especially when I started working on multiple titles with overlapping deadlines, and, as a result, I had some breakthroughs with regards to my black and white pen and ink style. I was quite happy with how a lot of these illustrations turned out. I’ve shared a few of these in the past, but this is the first time sharing all 80 or so from the book.