More Sketches

AHMM, Self Promotion

Another sketch, one I actually did yesterday for an AHMM story. I’ll be finishing up these illustrations over the next several days, but since I’m coming down with a virus of some sort, I think I’m going to take advantage of the lull in the schedule (and anticipating a rush of activity next week due to Thanksgiving), and take it easy for the remainder of the day.

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Or you might check out my bibliography to see links to various books/cds/games/toys that I’ve had a hand in illustrating.

Sketch Day

ABA, Facebook Faces

Not a lot on the docket today, just a few rough sketches for an upcoming project (pictured below), and since I was already in a loose, sketchy mood, I did today’s portrait in a similar style. Today’s is a complete stranger, Jason (and I forget from whose facebook friends list I found him), but, like yesterday’s portrait, I attempted to do the portrait without adhering too closely to the original photo reference.

Sore Fingers

Facebook Faces, US Catholic

Been a busy music weekend, with a show for a new band on Saturday night (and lots of preparatory work the previous two afternoons), an extended practice session with another band on Sunday afternoon, and my fingertips are really feeling it today. But back to the drawing board on Monday morning, and I finished up an illustration for US Catholic in the morning (below).

I also found a little time in the afternoon to work on another of my ongoing ‘friend of a friend’ portrait series illustrations. With this one, I specifically wanted to avoid sticking too closely to the photo reference, so I worked freehand on a practice sketch, and then used the sketch as my source material. (this one was of Cole, a local musician who I met this summer when we shared a bill at an outdoor festival). I still tend to lean toward caricature when I try this approach, but I may continue working in this method for the next few I attempt just to push the boundaries a little further.

Into November

Barrons, US Catholic, WSJ

This morning finished up a Barrons assignment that I got over the weekend, and below are a few of the rough prelim sketches for this one, plus another for US Catholic that I’ll be finishing up later this week.

Also, last weekend, I had a Sunday Journal assignment about the bumpy road ahead for the markets.

May squeeze in a portrait this afternoon, if I can get finished with yet another investment spot illustration for that same book I was working on last month, which came down the pike on Monday.

… and beyond

Facebook Faces

Well, I was waiting around for the details of an upcoming assignment to come down the pike (from New York, so not surprisingly things are moving a little slow, considering what the hurricane did to them this week), and it felt so weird NOT doing any portraits in my down-time, that I decided to keep the project going. Perhaps not at the same breakneck pace as this summer, but whenever I have some free time, I’ve decided to branch out into ‘friends of friends’ on facebook (basically, anyone who hasn’t privacy protected their photos, and I’m going to have to keep careful track of names from here on out, in case I ever decide to do anything with these photos and need permissions). So anyways, I added a new facebook friend this morning, and started with her (below). #1 in the new series is Sadie, one of the JJHD army of fans, and I delved into her ‘friends list’ and came up with the fellow above, #2 Randy, through a friend of a friend. This approach might be more interesting because some of my favorites from the last batch were near strangers and I wasn’t bound by ‘the need to flatter’.

Eventually, I’ll collect these in an archive like the last batch, but I’ll wait until I get a few more under my belt.