Steve Jobs


Did a quick turnaround assignment for the Chronicle this morning to accompany an essay about the author’s ‘first mac’, and an indirect homage to Steve Jobs and his passing. It certainly struck a chord with me, as I went through a lot of the same mac models over the years (replacing a bulky electric typewriter, which was my first ‘equipment purchase’ when I started freelancing).

Our first mac was the ‘Mac Classic II’, which we used mostly for bookkeeping, mailing list management, word processing, and we played a few primitive text games on it. I first began experimenting with drawing on the mac with this one, but it was mostly bw pixel manipulation.
Our second mac was sometime in ’93 or 94 and was probably an LC model of some sort. “In Color” (which a big eye opener at the time), and besides the same duties performed on the Classic, we also began using learning games for our son, and I started dabbling a little bit in code writing for simplistic computer games of my own design, and very limited drawing (all with a mouse, and usually on a painstaking pixel by pixel basis). This was also the first computer we had that connected to the internet (mostly AOL at the time). (the first computer with a cd drive, although we still used floppy discs for storage)
Our next was one of those blue G3 power macs sometime in ’97, and this was the first computer that began actually doing illustrations on, when my wife brought home a wacom tablet and painter software for me to try out one weekend from where she was working. (back in the days of ‘zip disks’ and ‘jaz drives’ for transporting large files)
There was another mac after that one, but I don’t quite remember the model (it is currently taking up space in our spare bedroom). Most of the work of 2001-2005 was done on this computer.
Currently I’m working on an iMac which we got about 5 years ago. My wife and son have each owned a couple laptops, which I’ve never quite gotten the hang of using (except once in a while when on vacation, and I’ll use a mini wacom tablet to do work). We’ve also owned several iPods between the three of us (my favorite of Steve Job’s innovations), and we may be breaking down and getting an iPhone in the near future (I have friends who rave about theirs, but I’ve been hesitant).
So thank you Steve for all the macs over the years.

Anyway, back to work. The illustration below was another tee shirt design for a newer client, and I’ve been busy working on a book project that will have to remain under wraps for the time being.

Looking at that first illustration I did this morning for the Chronicle, I’m reminded of several others I’ve done over the years with a similar layout:

Digging for Treasure

Barrons, Scholastic

Been a busy week. I started sketches for a large project (that unfortunately for the blog will have to remain under wraps until publication), plus had a few projects with shorter deadlines due midweek. The black and white illustration above was a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons, and below is (believe it or not) the first assignment to come from the large postcard I sent out earlier this year. This was a new client, Scholastic (although I may have done some work for them through a 3rd party in the distant past), and was a map of the United States showing various interesting ‘New Years Ball Drop’ items that are used throughout the country.