Days 28 through 30

Barrons, ChronicleHE, National Geographic

Day Twenty Eight

Back from the holiday weekend, and working today on a rough sketch for an upcoming cover assignment due next week for one of my magazine clients.

Day Twenty Nine

Today’s illustration is an assignment for Barron’s. Fun to get back to scratchboard again, and since I’ve been experimenting with different styles the past few weeks, it almost felt like relearning this style again from scratch (pardon the pun).

Day Thirty

A third of the way through my self imposed ‘ninety days of drawing’ challenge. Today I had several rough sketches due for a handful of upcoming assignments (a sampling of which are pictured below) plus I started work on the finishes for the NG job (above).

Days 23 through 27

CRC, self portrait, WSJ

Day Twenty Three:

Skipped yesterday, after a late night on Friday for an out of town gig with the Jukejoint Handmedowns. This morning, I decided to just start doodling and see what came out. What came out was a self portrait. I think one of the happiest discoveries for me so far on this ‘drawing challenge’ has been the ‘gouache’ tools in Painter. Still have a long way to go towards mastering them, but they are a joy to experiment with.

Day Twenty Four:

Today’s workload consisted of a series of bw sketches for a school workbook project for later in the week, so after it was done, I decided to play around with some of the more unfamiliar ‘watercolor’ tools in my software package, and did an illustration of an armadillo.
Still waiting around on ok’s from other projects that I’m sure will be keeping me busy throughout the rest of the week, plus my music group is going to be doing some recording in the middle of the week (we’re hoping to have a cd released by the middle/end of the summer).

Day Twenty Five:

Yesterday was a ‘music day’, spent recording with the Jukejoint Handmedowns, so I didn’t get much drawing done. I have an upcoming assignment which requires that I make use of a medium that I haven’t worked in since design class back in college 30 years ago, so I decided that today I’d try messing around with ‘design markers’ in preparation for this project. A tricky medium, and the hardest part is trying to keep it loose and not overwork it.

Day Twenty Six:

Yesterday was a busy ‘work day’ with an assignment for the CRC for 14 black and white illustrations (one of which is posted above as an example), plus some rough sketches for a Barrons job due next week.

Day Twenty Seven:

Today I had a quick turnaround assignment for the Wall Street Journal, plus some rough ‘storyboard’ layouts for another client’s upcoming project. I’m going to take the weekend off for the holiday, but will be back on Tuesday with ‘day twenty eight’ of my ongoing ‘ninety days of illustration’ challenge.

So, in the meantime, I’ll also post the three concept sketches for the above assignment.