More Style Experimentation


Had an assignment this week for one of my clients where I had nearly finished the illustration in my typical ‘scratchboard’ style, and found myself just looking at it and thinking that it needed a bit more ‘life’, so I scrapped the first version, and started again, this time playing around with a mixture of watercolor and colored pencil techniques. The finished version is pictured above (and a larger version viewable by clicking on the image), and I augmented it just a little bit by using a photoshop ‘lens flare’ (normally I try to avoid photoshop filters, but it just felt right in this case).
I found myself with a little down time this afternoon, so I worked up a quick painting of President Obama. It is surprising that I’ve only been asked to portray this president a couple times, considering how many ‘Bush’ portraits I did during his term. So I figured I might as well fill up the archive with a few more unpublished portraits.

Weekend Update

Barrons, Self Promotion, WSJ

Had several assignments in the latter half of last week for some of my regular financial clients. Two illustrations for Barrons, to be run in coming month, pictured above and below. Was quite pleased with how each of these turned out. I’ve also posted the rough sketches for each of these assignments at the bottom of the entry (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version)

Also this weekend I had an assignment for the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition, this one also featured some bears (and a few bulls for a change), and was about the bond market. I’ve also posted the rough sketches for this assignment.

And on the self promotion front, we’re trying something different with the ’email blasts’ that we’ve been doing this year. Instead of blanket emails to everyone, we’ll be trying some targeted marketing, and for our first attempt, we made up an ad featuring medical illustrations to send to health/medical potential buyers.