Extreme Makeover

Self Promotion

Gave the previous website design the old ‘heave-ho’ this week and gave the whole thing an extreme makeover. Lots of new samples (and some oldies but goodies), and I may add a few new features in the coming weeks. Been giving ’email marketing’ a try this year, and have so far sent out two ‘virtual mailers’ (no bites yet, but no angry complaints yet either, which is encouraging), and we may send out another one next week to announce the website redesign.

Mid Week Round Up

Business North Carolina, Freaks of Nurture Comics

A few more projects that I’ve been working on this week, including the above quick turnaround illustration for Business North Carolina (click on the image to see a larger version). I’ve also been working on a series of chapter opener spots for a book project that has slowly been taking shape over the past few months. Below are a few that have gotten the green light this week that I finished up this morning.

I also did a quickie cartoon illustration for the ‘freaks of nurture’ blog regarding a ‘not fondly remembered’ family pet.

Afternoon of the Living Dead

ChronicleHE, comics, Dover, Freaks of Nurture Comics

A fun job for the Chronicle of Higher Education this week, to accompany an article about a professor who uses zombie culture to expand on international relations. I also had a late addition to the ‘baseball book’ for Dover that I did a series of portraits for in December (Ted Turner, pictured below). The rest of the portraits in the series can be viewed in this earlier post.

Over the weekend, I finished up another in a series of comics for the “Freaks of Nurture” website I’ve been contributing to. Click on the image below for a larger version.

Oscar Poster 2011

Oscar Poster


Each year, my brother Tom in Chicago hosts an ‘Oscars Party’ at his restaurant Broadway Cellars. For the past six years or so, I’ve presented him with a gift of a framed print featuring all of the nominated films, actors and actresses done in a group caricatured portrait. Usually they are in black and white (last year, I broke form and actually drew it in 3-D that required special glasses to view), and all of these posters are available as signed digital prints in a variety of sizes (they look best at about 18 x 20). To view a larger detailed version, click on the image above.

All the posters in this series can be found here.