Best Laid Plans


The illustration market continues to be unusually slow, and, against my better judgement, I accepted an assignment from a new contact this week that in normal circumstances I would have avoided due to the low budget (despite the quick turnaround), and a strange proviso that I would be paid “only if published” (should have been a tip-off right there). I followed their suggestion of illustration subject matter to the letter (with a rather tight sketch, pictured above), ahead of schedule, and they proceeded to drag their feet on the sketch approval for three days, at which point I was informed that they wanted to take the image in a completely different, and rather vague direction, and did I want to continue with the project (still with the same deadline, now even tighter). As much as I hated to do it, I decided to cut my losses and wait out this slow patch for better clients (and I know they are out there).

Marlo’s Book


It was about a year ago that I was approached with the opportunity to contribute a caricature for this book of comedy reminiscences by Marlo Thomas. This afternoon the FedX truck dropped my complimentary copy on my doorstep, with a personalized note inside by Marlo herself. A nice little holiday surprise.

The book is of course available at Amazon as well as most Target stores, and looks like it might be pretty interesting reading.

About a month or so prior, my contact had sent me a promotional poster featuring the collection of celebrity caricatures, which was another nice bonus. (Mainly, it’s a large scale reprint of the collection featured on the back cover) (FYI; mine was the portrait of Steven Wright) Back cover is pictured below:

At the top of the post is the caricature I did for the book, plus here are some rejected sketches of Joan Rivers that didn’t get past the sketch phase: (sketch 1, sketch 2)

Xmas Animation

Freaks of Nurture Comics

Been working on an animated version of the Freaks of Nurture masthead art for the holiday season (link has since been misplaced, sorry)


Below is one of several ‘blog illustrations’ I’ve been providing for said site (this is for this week’s entry, and below that, another of this week’s guest column illustrations):

Other things in the works right now, some sketches for this year’s ‘witches’ companion’ interior illustrations, several oil paintings (which I’ll unveil after Christmas), and I had an illustration accepted into the ‘Covered’ blog, which is scheduled for December 30th (at which point I’ll also post it here).

Odds n Ends

ChronicleHE, Freaks of Nurture Comics

A couple of quick blog cartoons this week for the Freaks of Nurture site that I contribute to (above and right). I’ll probably be re-using the illustration above as christmas cards at my Zazzle Storefront (the ‘Krampus’ cards I did a few weeks back seem to be popular sellers this year). Plus I also had an illustration this week on the ‘WikiLeaks’ story for the Chronicle of Higher Education (pictured below).