Halfway Point


I’ve made it to the halfway mark in this ‘paper doll’ project. I can usually get about one done a day (two if I really push it), and I’m hoping to have this whole project done sometime near the end of this month. More samples in previous posts. More to come next week.

Ruth Project

Capstone, comics

The final stage of the Babe Ruth project got wrapped up this holiday weekend, and here are a few sample pages showing what they look like with the 2nd color wash added to them (I’m not sure what color they will end up using, since I provided the 2nd color as a greyscale wash, but I thought it might look nice as a sepia tone treatment like this)

Happy Fourth of July

Barrons, Dover, WSJ

The above illustration was a quick turnaround assignment for the Wall Street Journal this morning, and below is an illustration I did earlier in the week for Barrons.

Continuing to plug along on the paper doll project, and below are the ones I worked on over the past week. This project has been temporary put on a back burner since I got the go ahead on finishing up the Babe Ruth project yesterday. Looks like it will be another busy working holiday.