Shaking the Bushes

Self Promotion

Self promotion has been long overdue, so we are taking advantage of some postcard specials offered by our usual vendor and are sending out a few advertisements this month in an effort to drum up a little new business. The postcard above is a recycling of some presidential portraits that I did for a local toy manufacturer over the past few months. This will go out on an oversized postcard (approx 8×5), and I debated on whether or not to add color to these, but decided that I liked the stark black and white look a lot better (click on the image above to see a slightly larger version). We also sent out a postcard featuring a recent cover that I did (pictured below).

Late July Upturn

AHMM, Barrons, New York Newsday, WSJ

The end of July is starting to see a slight upturn in the workload after several weeks of quiet. The above illustration was one for a client that I hadn’t work for in quite a while, Newsday, and this was for an essay regarding vacation opportunities closer to home, and in particular, sailing around New York harbor.

I also had another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine this week. This one was another of those set in a Norse/Viking locale (and may or may not have featured some recurring characters from previous stories). A fun dramatic layout on this one.

The illustration below was for Barrons earlier this week, and accompanied an article talking about how the economy is having a hard time ‘getting started’ thanks to certain policies and regulations. Below that is another of my ‘health care spots’ for the Wall Street Journal, another one on herbal teas, for which I’m certain I’ve done several with very similar concepts.

Several other projects in the works currently, and will share them here when I get a chance to take a breath.