Witches Again For Halloween

ChronicleHE, Llewellyn, WSJ

Had another Witch’s Companion cover for Llewellyn Publishing this fall. Similar in layout to the one from last year, but I liked how this one turned out a little better. The leaves were a lot of fun, and I got to do a little field research every time I went out to play disc golf at our local park, picking up interesting leaves for reference materials.

I had a series of four spot illustrations last Thursday for the Wall Street Journal. A tighter deadline than usual for this one, with the job coming in at 3 in the afternoon, and finals due by 5:30. I don’t mind tight deadlines, but sometimes when conceptualizing is also part of the deal, it can be a little stressful. I managed to get it done with ten minutes to spare.

This past weekend, I had a series of three illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education. One in color, and two in black and white. I also spent a great deal of the remainder of the week on another series of spot illustrations for Adventure House Publishing (but will post a sampling of these later on).