Out of the Ordinary

AHMM, ChronicleHE, US Catholic

A couple of chances this month to experiment with some unusual styles. The Chronicle of Higher Education assigned me an illustration where one of the concepts that I proposed needed a reflection of a soldier in the shiny bill of a cap, and I didn’t think it would work well in the usual scratchboard. I tried something a little different, mixing watercolors and paints. Not bad looking, but I wasn’t completely happy with the end result.

A more successful experiment came at another time during the month, on an assignment for US Catholic. This would be a two part illustration about church parishes who are getting a new priest assigned to them, and would show the outside of the church in one scene, and the inside of the church from the other side of the page.

I used a mixture of watercolors and colored pencils, in almost a cartoonish style, and though it was rather sketchy in places, I was much happier with the final product. Anyways, it was fun to break out of the usual scratchboard rut and stretch my ‘drawing legs’ a bit.

Back on more familiar ground, I had a fiction assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Digest. This was an unusual murder mystery about a society of ‘Dickens impersonators’ who are getting bumped off one by one. Since it was a rather tongue in cheek story, I gave the illustration just a hint of comedy, and it was fun doing all those Dickens portraits, in a sort of ‘classical style’, while giving the background a bit of a different technique than I usually do. Turned out quite nice.