A Couple of Lackluster Efforts

Carus Publishing, Cricket, National Auctioneer

In February I had an assignment from Cricket magazine. This was a story about a childhood friend of Abe Lincoln’s son and a visit to the white house during the dark days of the Civil War. Something about this project just didn’t inspire or motivate me, and I’m afraid the project came out a bit static and dull. Perhaps I chose the wrong style to work in, the scratchboard seems a little overly convoluted and dark and doesn’t suit the children’s faces well. The colors seem sort of muddy and dull, and the compositions are lacking in pizazz.

Another project around this time that I felt didn’t quite work out as well due to my being unenthused about the subject matter was this piece below for National Auctioneer magazine. This was a full page illustration (don’t remember if it was a cover or not) about ‘family auctions’ (where the auction is run by a family of auctioneers), and was another busy crowd scene of the kind I’ve done before for this client (and would do again), and I pretty much went through the motions. Not bad looking exactly, but certainly nothing particularly inspiring about it.